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Victoria & Riley - A gamers wedding!

This was such a fun & cute wedding. Intimate, cozy, and full of unique gaming related decor - this was a themed wedding done right! It can be easy to take a theme too far, but, Victoria and Riley nailed it! Surrounded by friends and family at The Royal Hotel, the two exchanged vows, rings and said their "I do's". The rings, of course, kept safely in a PokeBall! We had a little bit of time for couples portraits with just the two of them in Wascana park. With no wedding party around, it was a nice, quiet time to just enjoy one another's company (and take some photos with me). Dinner was delicious, speeches kept short and sweet and I even heard a rumour that the wedding cake was soaked in rum. Their simple wedding quickly turned into a party when Pikachu made an appearance on the dance floor. All in all, it was a beautiful day and Im so happy I was able to be a part of it! Victoria and Riley, I wish you all the best in your life together and I'm sure I'll see you again!

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