Nicole MacNeil - Flaunt Photography

About Nicole 

My highschool yearbook caption read "Nicole Ferguson - "Plans to follow her heart wherever it may take her."  A truthful, yet vague description of what my adulthood "plans" were at the tender age of 18. Now, I can happily say that I Indeed fulfilled that promise to my adolescent self. In more ways than I ever would have imagined at the time. 

Shortly after I turned 20, I packed up my tiny studio apartment in Sylvan Lake, Alberta and moved 850 kms away from home and everyone I knew to live with a man I had only just fallen in love with. People called me crazy, and I knew they weren't wrong. It was a risky choice. A choice that luckily enough, ended up being one of the best decisions I've ever made. He encouraged me to go back to school, pick a career that would fulfill me. Without hesitation, I chose photography.

I attended SIAST and took Applied Photography there for two years. I worked for a local cleaning company and made new friends. Ryan and I also traveled. A lot. We got engaged on top of the Empire State building during a trip to NYC. Shortly after, we were married. 10 months later, my beautiful daughter, Londyn, was born. Life was complete. I had a beautiful family, and the knowledge and experience to start a career I was passionate about. 

The decision to start my photography business and do it full time is also a risky choice. But, I believe, if love is the motivation, and you have a little faith in yourself...risky choices can hold big rewards. The last five years have proven that to me. I followed my heart, it took me places, and I love where I am now. I consider myself a very lucky woman. 

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