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Tara & Mark - Wedding prt 1

Feels so good to be back shooting weddings again! Aside from the styled wedding session I did in Vegas back in February, this is actually my first wedding of 2020. Which is so crazy, considering I'd normally be nearly half way through my wedding season by now. But, sometimes things happen that are out of our control and we just have to make the best of it.

Speaking of that go-with-the-flow attitude, Tara and Mark have to be one of the chillest wedding couples I've ever worked with! Due to covid, they essentially had to cancel their original wedding plan and separate their big day into two smaller days. They decided to have a small, intimate ceremony on a relatives farm just outside of Moose Jaw this year, and the rest of their celebration next year. Then, we got hit with some less than ideal weather conditions. It hot, humid and with winds topping at 60km/hr +. Throughout everything though, they've stayed relaxed and happy. Tara and Mark have been together 11 years, so, all they really wanted was to marry each other.

Sherry (Photography By Sherry Lynn) and I had a lot of fun overcoming the weather obstacles and working with this lovely wedding party. Such an amazing group of people!

Thank you Mark and Tara for including us on your special day and Im so excited to do part 2 next year! Big thanks to Sherry Lynn for second shooting and assisting me! We make a great team!

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