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Stephanie & Kyle - Married!

A few weeks ago, this beautiful couple tied the knot! It was a wedding I had been looking forward to since meeting them and hearing about their themed wedding plans! Much like their engagement session, which took place at The Mercury Cafe and with a vintage punch buddy, it was intended to be a retro themed party. Covid threw a wrench in their reception plans (for this year, anyway), but, there were still some very cool elements to their wedding!

I had just had my babies three weeks before the big day, so, I hired my associate Sherry Lynn (Sherry Lynn Photography in Weyburn) to lead shoot for me for the day because I didn't know if Id be able to make it work physically or emotionally. However, I was lucky enough to be able to be there to second shoot and still be a part of their day. I did, however, miss out on the very cool privilege of shooting inside Mosiac Stadium, which, I'm super jealous of. Sherry got some incredible shots there!

Here is just a small sample of their amazing wedding. I hope to share more once I complete the gallery! Stephanie and Kyle, you two are an amazing couple to work with and I thank you for your patience and trust while I navigate my new work/life balance with my twin babies. It is much appreciated and I hope you love your photos.

Thanks to Sherry for being such a big help and taking great shots in my place. Shout out to Stephanie Man for the brides gorgeous makeup.

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