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Stephanie & Cavan: NYE Wedding!

First first official blog post of 2023 featuring my final wedding of 2022! What a spectacular year '22 was! I am so thankful for all of my amazing, warm-hearted clients that made the year so memorable. I am also delighted by the fact that I have filled my calendar for 2023 with many more incredible weddings and I just know this year is going to kick ass!!

Stephanie and Cavan's wedding was the perfect way to end the year! I couldn't have asked for a more genuine, down-to-earth and fun couple to share the day with. The weather, ended up being pretty damn favourable as well, well, for a Canadian winter wedding that is. The ceremony was held at the RCMP Chapel, which is Regina's oldest building (in case you didn't already know) and was still so nicely decorated for the holiday season. The ceremony was intimate and sweet. It was impossible to not shed a tear when Cavan presented Stephanie's daughters with rings as well.

Everyone braved the chilly weather afterwards for photos just outside the Chapel. The ceremony was held in the late afternoon, so, by the time we were set for couples formals, it was completely dark outside. Not to worry, though, as I had a plan...and my trusted side-kick, Sherry. The unexpected construction outside of the RCMP Heritage Centre (specifically the big, beautiful pillars that wrap around it) didn't detour us either. We definitely did not move the fencing around to be able to sneak in... nope, not us.

We all had a chance to warm up during the reception at the Mess. Delicious food and drinks were had, heart-felt speeches made, and the chocolate fondue fountain stared at me from the corner of the room. Okay, I stared at it. I couldn't help it, so yummy! By the time I was set to leave for the evening, everyone was ripping it up on the dance floor and having a great time. I have no doubt that by midnight, it was the best damn party in the city.

Thank you to Stephanie and Cavan for choosing me for your special day. Big thank you to Sherry for being the best assistant and voice-activated light stand Ive ever had. Cheers to last year and the year ahead!

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