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Shuttered In - Lifestyle

The day I've been waiting for is finally here! I get to start shooting again! Hallelujah! I've been going crazy being safe at home (like everybody else) unable to do my do my job that I love. Now, with the restrictions lifted, I'm overjoyed that I get to get back out there with my lovely clients.

I have been trying my best to keep myself shooting while at home with my family. Tried a few new things, did some online courses, took a million photos of my daughter, and a few of myself. Its been nice to be able to document some regular, day-to-day stuff that I otherwise wouldn't have time for or motivation for. I'm usually so busy with client photos I don't have time for my own. And now, I've taken enough of those to last the rest of the year. So, bring on the families, the maternity, the engagements, etc! I've never been more ready for you!

Allow me to show you a small portion of what I've been working on since in isolation.

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