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Sharla & Jamie - Surprise Vow Renewal

I've known this beautiful couple for seven years and they really are the definition of #relationshipgoals! Sharla and Jamie have been happily married nearly two decades. Recently, Sharla decided it would be fun to plan a surprise vow renewal for Jamie! For a month, with the help of her closest girlfriends, Sharla secretly planned the party, down to every last, beautiful detail. On the big day, she sent Jamie for a round of golf with a few of his friends while her and her friends set everything up at their beach house. When he returned home, he was greeted by their closest friends and family and his wife, Sharla, in a tank that read "I'm getting married". Jamie was shocked and touched by everything Sharla had done. There may have been happy tears...some of them may have even been mine. And so, they said "I still do" in a short, but sweet ceremony. Afterwards, a fun party commenced in their backyard around the pool. It was a really special day.

I was honoured to have been asked by Sharla to photograph her important day. Sharla hired me to work for her at Tidy Time Saver many years ago when I first moved to Regina. I worked for her for three and a half years before I gave birth to my daughter and decided to pursue photography full time. Sharla is an amazing business owner and easily the greatest boss I've ever had. It means a lot to me that she trusted me then and now to do a good job for her. Jamie is a great guy and was always around to give a helping hand. He even boosted my car in like -30 one night after work. They are just simply the best people and deserve all the happiness in the world! Thanks Sharla and Jamie for everything!

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