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Michelle & Sean - Engaged!

I met Michelle for coffee a few months ago to chat about her wedding. We bonded over the things we have in common like a gluten free diet, motherhood and a love of non-traditional weddings. I was surprised to find out that she wasn't even engaged yet! She knew she had finally found Mr. Right, (and the right photographer - me!) she just needed to wait for him to pop the big question! I love a woman who knows what she wants and is patient enough to wait for it. Sure enough, a couple months goes by and I get the happy message that they are engaged...and he's totally down for the perfect wedding she had been dreaming about!

Cue the engagement session. She knew she wanted fall photos, but, time was ticking and leaves were falling fast and I was up to my eyeballs in sessions. I told her I could squeeze her in, but, she'd have to wait a bit longer for me to edit and deliver the photos. Of course, not a problem, she'd be happy to wait! I certainly think we made the right choice and these adorable images were worth the extra anticipation.

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