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Meagan & Matt - Married!

Meagan and Matt are finally hitched!

When I first met with Meagan and Matt, they told me their plans for their wedding day. They mentioned that their "theme" for the day was going to be a little country and a little rustic. I was pleasantly surprised at just how country their day really was!

The ladies all donned cowgirl boots and the gentlemen wore their boots and hats. The two were married during a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony, surrounded by friends and family on a farm just outside of the city. We were also lucky enough to do photos on an acreage with trees, hay bales, an old truck and even a saloon! Every last detail was carefully thought out and beautifully executed. It was classy country and perfectly them!

Meagan and Matt are such a sweet couple and have such a lovely family. After 13 years together and three wonderful sons, this wedding was years in the making. I feel so lucky that Sherry and I were able to capture it all!

Thank you to Sherry Shamblin for joining me, as always!

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