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Mairead & Scott & Murphy - Puppy Love!

The family and I trip to Alberta a couple weeks ago! Our first stop was the West Edmonton Mall and fantasyland hotel. We stayed in the space themed room and it was very, very cool! Londyn absolutely loved it. We spent a couple days at the mall, enjoying the waterpark and even doing a meet and greet with some penguins. The best part of our trip though was the time we spent in Red Deer visiting with my family. My brother, Scott, and his lovely girlfriend, Mairead, host us in their home when we come to visit. Last winter, they got a puppy named Murphy. He is 7 months old now and has grown a LOT since we saw him last. He's such a good boy and was so gentle with the babies. Since he is not done growing yet, I cant wait to see how much bigger he'll be by the next time we see him!

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