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Lisa & Dillon - Married at MacKenzie Art Gallery

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Let me tell you a little story about the wedding of Lisa & Dillon. A very sweet couple who finally tied the knot! I say finally because these two have been together over 16 years!

The day was spent at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, which, is a beautiful and intimate venue for a wedding!

My favourite part about their wedding is that they did things the way they wanted to - and it was a total hit! They didn't have a traditional wedding party, it simply included everyone they loved most (regardless of age and gender). Instead of a classic wedding buffet, they opted for multiple rounds of "bar food". It was pretty fancy bar food! Those build your own tacos were amazingggg. They also included a few rounds of trivia where each table competed against one another in a battle of who knows Lisa & Dillon best. Oh, and the cake topper that said "you, me and the cats"

Some of my favourite moments included Dillon giving his grandmother a hug at the ceremony - see below (so sweet!), Lisa's mom always at the ready to fix her train or veil and Dillon's sister and niece who cried happy tears all day. You all know how much I love happy tears!!!

Shout out to my bestie, Colleen, for assisting me and keeping me cool! And thank you to Lisa and Dillon for having us as a key part of their very special day.

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