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Laura & Spencer - Married at The Red Barn!

Love blossomed on a farm in the heart of Saskatchewan, where Laura and Spencer's journey began. With their two-year-old son Sterling as the embodiment of their love, this charming couple's country wedding was nothing short of a magical, rustic fairytale.

The choice of venue was nothing short of perfect. The Red Barn (Sherwood Forest), a picturesque location, played host to this country-themed celebration. Set against the rolling valleys of outside of Regina, the barn, fields and river below provided a breathtaking backdrop for the couple's special day. Their ceremony, held just before sunset, allowed guests to soak in the beauty of the valley. The wedding decor spoke volumes about the couple's love for the countryside. Red and orange flowers, antlers, and wood elements were thoughtfully and tastefully incorporated into their decor. These rustic details added warmth and charm to The Red Barn, transforming it into a cozy haven.

Laura, the bride, donned a stunning wedding gown complemented by sparkling cowgirl boots—a perfect fusion of elegance and country flair. Spencer and his groomsmen embraced the theme, donning cowboy hats, and it was evident that country living was etched into their hearts.

As the sun approached the horizon, Laura and Spencer exchanged vows. Surrounded by a large wedding party, family and friends in support of their love. The stunning backdrop of the valley was the perfect setting for the couple's heartfelt promises. To top things off, just as they sealed their commitment with a kiss, canons of confetti erupted, symbolizing the beginning of their journey as husband and wife!!!

Tears of joy and laughter flowed freely throughout the day. Sterling, the couple's two-year-old son, added an extra layer of love and laughter to the celebration. It was a reminder that this union wasn't just about Laura and Spencer but about building a beautiful family. As they embark on this new chapter of their lives, we're left with the heartwarming memory of a rustic, romantic, and unforgettable day.

Thank you to Laura & Spencer for choosing me to capture such a lovely day! Big thank you to Sherry, not just for this day, but for all the weddings we've crushed together this year. Always a blast working with you!

Makeup = Stephanie Man Makeup Artist

Venue = Sherwood Forest Red Barn

Second Photographer = Sherry Shamblin

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