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Las Vegas Workshop - Styled Session

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I'm home from Nevada & Arizona and I swear I came back a new person. I don't know if it was the temporary break from mothering, the three day vacation alongside my two best friends, or if it was being surrounded by incredibly talented photographers who I admire so much. Maybe it was a combination of all three things, but, regardless, I am definitely feeling re-born.

I was both excited and nervous when I snagged myself a spot in the Steel & Flint Photography workshop. I knew I was one of the least experienced photographers who would be attending and that felt a little intimidating. I was nervous I would be overwhelmed or lost in the information and that it would be obvious to my peers. I was unsure if the course was maybe too advanced for my abilities and I was essentially flushing my money down the toilet.

Of course, all of my fears were unnecessary. Everyone was so kind and accepting and I didn't for a second feel sub-par or less worthy. The instructors (Esteban Gil and Nicole Apuzzo) explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and I learned so many amazing things. I cant wait to apply everything new I learned to all my weddings. Education and learning are so important to me because I love the artistry of photography so much and I believe that as an artist you never stop growing.

Below are some of the images I took during the workshop. Ashley and Justin are a real life married couple who volunteered their beautiful selves for us to practice some of our newly learned posing tricks. They were so awesome to work with and are so gorgeous, it made it extra easy for us. Oh, how I wish I could shoot in beautiful weather like this all the time!

Thank you to everyone at the Steel & Flint workshop!

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