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Kirsten & Kelly - Wed atop of Asessippi.

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Asessippi Ski Resort in Manitoba, Kirsten and Kelly, both environmental engineers, celebrated their love in a wedding that was as enchanting as it was personal. As their photographer, I had the honor of capturing every heartfelt moment of their special day

The day began with a private first look between Kirsten and Kelly, a moment brimming with anticipation and love. In the quiet intimacy of the trees, Kirsten and Kelly exchanged heartfelt vows. Kelly, ever the romantic, gifted Kirsten a crown as a symbol of her being his princess—a moment that spoke volumes about their playful relationship and his adoration.

Against the backdrop of Asessippi's Vine Chapel, nestled atop a hill overlooking the valley, their union was nothing short of magical. The gentle breeze carried seeds from nearby trees, creating a scene that resembled snowfall, adding an ethereal touch to their already enchanting day.

Despite the weather’s unpredictability, the rain held off just long enough for them to celebrate their union outdoors. The natural beauty of Asessippi provided a stunning backdrop as they pronounced their love and commitment to each other.

Following the ceremony, guests moved inside the cozy log ski lodge for the reception. Laughter and joy filled the air as friends and family gathered to celebrate Kirsten and Kelly's union. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, with rustic charm adding to the intimate feel of the occasion.

The reception was filled with memorable moments that truly captured the essence of Kirsten and Kelly’s love story. They surprised everyone with a beautifully choreographed first dance—a testament to their chemistry and dedication to each other.

Not to be outdone, their dads stole the show with a surprise dance, complete with fedora hats, showcasing their playful and loving spirits. Adding to the heartfelt moments, Kirsten’s mom serenaded the couple with a song that Kirsten and her father danced to, performed live—a touching tribute to family and tradition.

As their photographers, Sherry and I were privileged to witness and capture these special moments throughout the day. From the serene beauty of the ceremony overlooking the valley to the lively and heartfelt celebrations at the reception, Kirsten and Kelly’s wedding was a true reflection of their love, personality, and the natural surroundings they cherish. It was an honor to be part of their special day and to capture the memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.

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