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Kayla & Michelle - Married!

Happy Pride month, everyone! No better time to brag about this gorgeous couple and their amazing wedding!

There are some weddings that I would photograph over and over again if I could, and this was one of them! It was really a perfect day. Kayla and Michelle are beautiful both inside and out and and their day was full of laughter, happy tears and lots of love. My favourite things!

There were several special moments that I particularly enjoyed about their wedding. The first look between Michelle and her dad had me all misty eyed - it was so sweet. Then, the first look between Kayla and Michelle was so frickin' cute! Kaylas vows had Sherry and I (and everyone else) laughing. #blessed (iykyk)

My favourite part of the day, though, was watching these two together. You can tell, by the way they look at each other and communicate with each other, just how much they love and respect each other. I can tell they have so much fun together and are truly best friends. Their life is going to be filled with so much adventure and happiness, I just know it!

Thank you for choosing me ( and Sherry ) to be a part of your special day!

Venue: Aspen Links

Kayla's makeup: Stephanie Man Makeup

Planner: Queen City Events

Second Photographer (and sidekick): Sherry Shamblin

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