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Jordan & David - Married!

Another stunning wedding in the books! Jordan and David tied the knot a little over a week ago at the RCMP grounds here in Regina. Both the bride and the groom have strong ties to the RCMP and it was so beautifully incorporated into their wedding day. Jordans whole look was fashioned with such lovely and classic details. David, and his best woman, wore their full Serge - in the 35+ degree heat, no less.

The made their love official in an intimate wedding ceremony at The Chapel. Their vows were hand written and included mentions of Davids two daughters, who are now officially Jordan's family, too. Though, by the sounds of things, they were family from the very beginning.

Next, we went to the Government House for portraits. Hot and sunny, but, everyone toughed it out! The gorgeous reception was held at the RCMP Heritage Centre. Stepping just outside the reception, Sherry and I took notice of the various police cars parked out front. I couldn't help myself but to pull them away for a few minutes for a couple extra portraits. Oh, and those pillars - so dreamy!

Thank you to Sherry Shamblin again for being by my side and giving me wet towels for my neck and cold-ish water to drink. After our third scorching hot wedding together, we are getting better at surviving the heat!

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