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Jenelle & Keagan - Married!

Pinch me- I must be dreaming! I can't even get over how stunning this wedding was and how amazing their gallery looks. Props to them for planning such a beautiful and sentimental wedding. Seriously - just wait until you see it! Also, props to Sherry and I for killing it with these amazing images (if I do say so myself)!

Not only was Jenelle & Keagan's day aesthetically gorgeous, but it was also full of emotional & heart warming moments, lots of laughs and tons of fun! The two exchanged hand-written letters to one another to be read before the ceremony - cue all the happy tears. Next, Jenelle had two very sweet reveals with both her bridal party and her dad and brother. Their ceremony was light and airy, filled with beautiful florals. With vows so heartfelt that I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the room - Sherry and I included.

We spent the next few hours taking photos and having fun around the city. First stop, the Local Market - love the big windows and exposed brick! Next, we made a quick stop by Drake Hall before heading back to Hotel Sask for some more elegant photos. Jenelle specifically sent me some inspiration photos of the elevators with a direct flash look, so, of course I wanted to knock those out of the park for her! We also wanted to take advantage of the lovely staircase there and do some fancier, off-camera flash techniques in the hotel.

Finally, the reception, held at WaWa shriners! Memorable speeches, touching slideshows and a beautiful choreographed father daughter dance. I didn't stay until the end of the evening, but, I have no doubt that the party was one hell of an "elegant rager".

Congratulations, Keagan and Jenelle! You two are so wonderful and I'm so happy fate brought us together.

Thank you to Sherry Shamblin for accompanying me once again!

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