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Jeline & Jayden - Married! (Finally)

There were many traditional things about Jeline and Jaydens wedding day. However, I think I want to talk about all the ways they made their wedding day unique and so special.

Firstly, Id like to talk about Jeline and Jayden and how wonderful they are. I met them allll the way back in 2019 while they were planning for their 2020 wedding. We hit it off instantly, sharing a love of similar interests and us both having been proposed to on top of the Empire State Building. When the world shut down, we still got together to do their engagement session. We had such a fun time bouncing around downtown Regina. They trusted me entirely, went along with all my crazy ideas and were overall just a blast to photograph. I knew they'd be one of my favourite couples, and I wasn't wrong. Though they remained hopeful, 2020 wouldn't be their year...and neither would 2021. However, I think that made for an even better wedding day. The date they did get married was a day near and dear to Jeline's heart. And the extra 2 years of waiting made it even more exciting and overflowing with emotions.

A few weeks before the wedding, Jeline sent me a list of fun surprises she had planned for the day and I. was. pumped! I was prepared for an amazing day, but, all of the planning and details that went into the day just blew me away. She had a gorgeous, pre-wedding dressing gown that was so gorgeous I had to resist the urge to ask her if I could buy it. Her details were all laid out so beautifully when I arrived, it made capturing them so easy and inviting. She had big reveals planned, too. One with her parents, which, was so sweet. Next, she has arranged for a surprise "reveal" where Jaydens best friend was the one wearing a wedding dress. Finally, she gave Jayden a letter that she had written 2 months into their relationship for him to read. Cue all the tears!

To kick off the ceremony, they had a beer/flower guy strut down the aisle throwing petals and handing out beers to guests. It was hot, hot and the beers, Im sure, were greatly appreciated. The ceremony itself was personal. Her aunt commissioned their union, the vows were hand-written and finally, they all took a shot to celebrate - a family tradition. Three kisses were planted at the end. One classic, one fancy and one surrounded by their wedding party. A private, official wedding ceremony was had afterwards witnessed only by their two best people.

I didn't even mind that it was another 30 degree wedding, because we were off to white butte trails for formal photos! Due to its location outside of Regina, I very rarely get to photograph wedding photos there, so, I was pretty excited. Knowing that these two had such a fun and special day planned, I made sure to throw in some fun and special photo ideas, too. And when I say "throw", I mean I literally had them tossed in the air for photo purposes. Having seen it done by other photographers, its not something I had ever tried before. Was it perfect? Nope! Was it fun? Hell ya! Everyone was so easy to work with, it made everything go smoothly!

The magic continued on through to the reception, hosted out at Balgonie Hall. Dinner was delicious, speeches were hilarious and so well done, and they had their own take on the classic "shoe game" that involved their wedding party as well. They opted for donuts in leu of cake and they looked/smelt so yummy Im still kind of sad I didn't try one. Oh, and their first dance? Amazing. I don't know if it was, but, it looked choreographed it was so flawless. Spins, lifts, dips. SO good!

I could keep going on and on about how much I loved this wedding, but, I think Ive overshared already. And here is an overshare of photos to go along with my lengthy blog. Thank you to Jeline and Jayden for being such an amazing couple and having a dream wedding. Good things really do come to those who wait. This is evident in both your relationship and your wedding day. It was perfect. Minus the grasshoppers - sorry, Jeline.

Thank you to Brittany (HunnyBugArtistry) for coming along for the ride, assisting me and taking some fun behind the scenes with me!

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