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Jade & KC - Saskatchewan Country Wedding

My first official fall wedding! How do I know? Because it was chilly, and I needed pants AND a jacket. However, that sharp, Sask wind was no match for this beautiful wedding and my love for this couple.

The day started off simply, with the ladies getting ready in Jade & KC's home and the gentlemen getting suited up at their family's farm just north of the city. The ladies were all sweet moments and mimosas. The gentlemen, all scotch and moustaches. The entire wedding party was so wonderful!

With a later ceremony planned, it meant first looks and photos beforehand! Which, is always okay with me since I love a private first look between couples. Kristian and Jades first look was intimate and adorable amongst the changing leaves of the trees. They followed their first moments seeing each other by exchanging heartfelt, private vows. And laughs. And kisses. And butt squeezes.

Then, we were able to spend some alone time just doing photos of the two of them together, in a few of the same spots I loved using during our engagement session. Speaking of this one spot, this road is long and flatttt, so we could see any oncoming vehicles long before they were anywhere near us. Im all about getting a little risky for the right shot, but, I'd never put anyone at serious risk. And so, they danced, snuggled, twerked, and just spent some time alone (well, with Sherry and I creepin in the background) having fun and enjoying their special day.

A few highlights of the day included the beer boys at the ceremony, the formal portraits with the wedding party and families and the donuts from The Everyday Kitchen. We stayed until after the first dances were done and everyone just started hitting the dance floor. If I wasn't so old and hadn't been so tired, I totally would have stayed to watch this group party. I don't doubt it was a seriously fun evening.

Thank you to Jade & KC for having Sherry and I as part of your big day. It was totally worth being in that cold, cold wind. Thank you to Sherry Shamblin for joining me for all the fun!!

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