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Grand Canyon - Stas & Taliesin

Meet my two best friends, Stas and Taliesin! These two have been by my side for nearly 10 years now. They have seen so many different versions of me and have loved each and every one unconditionally. We have been through it all together; from drunken nights at concerts and music festivals to sober heart-to-heart talks that went on for hours. We've experienced bad boyfriends and good boyfriends (who turned into life partners), adding loved ones to our family and losing loved ones, moves all around western Canada and trips just like this one. I cannot possibly begin to express how much they mean to me and describe how amazing they are. I hope you can get a glimpse of their personalities from the photos I took during our day trip to the Gran Canyon.

I will forever treasure these images. This is why I love what I do so much and why I think its so important to have photographs of the people you love most. I even let them take a couple photos of me, which turned out not half bad. Which is surprising because, though it looks warm in the photos, it was very very cold. Like, -15 when the wind blew. But, we stuck it out's a once in a lifetime trip! Oh, and a little disclaimer; they are not actually a couple, they just pretended to be for me (though, the best friend love is very real). I wanted to practice some new couples posing I learned at my workshop. Like I said, the best friends a girl could ask for. Rory, please don't hate me. Love you, Taliesin and Stas - I am so lucky to have you both. To everyone else, if you've read this far; thanks for listening to me gush on about my besties.

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