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Amanda & Jeremy - Married @ Crave!

I loved so much about Amanda and Jeremy's wedding day. However, I think my favourite thing of all is that they did their wedding day the way they wanted to. With weddings, it's so easy to try to cater to all of the guests' wishes. Couples always want everyone to have an amazing time. In the case of this wedding, everyone had an amazing time, and it was exactly what Amanda and Jeremy wanted.

Jeremy and Amanda are both so genuine, fun and laid back. The wedding party was also a blast, and Sherry and I had a great time working with everyone! Some highlights of the day included: getting ready and a first look at The Sask Hotel, drinks at O'Hanlon's Pub after the ceremony, a spur of the moment decision to do portraits on a rooftop downtown, and the intimate ceremony and reception at Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar. The evening ended on a high note too, as we did a final streamer sendoff before I left for the evening.

It's bittersweet that my busiest wedding season ever has come to an end, but, this was an amazing wedding to end on! My job is so fun, some days I just want to pinch myself to make sure I'm not living in an actual dream. I have the best clients, best partner and best job. Thanks Amanda & Jeremy for having us and thank you to Sherry for assisting!

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