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The Jacksteit Family

This family session was so fun! Despite the fact that it was terribly, bitter cold that day, the whole family came out (dressed so cute by the way) and rocked their session! As you can see from some of the later photos, this family doesn't take themselves too seriously. Which, I love! Having fun and being yourselves is what produces the best and truest images. When you enjoy the experience of the session itself, instead of worrying about the end results, you not only walk away with cute photos to frame, you have great memories attached to those photos. I also love that each fam brought their doggies! I even managed to get them all to look at the same time a once or twice. Is it cheating if I mentioned the word "treats"?

You'll be seeing more of this lovely group of people this summer when I shoot Jayden and Jeline's long-awaited wedding in August!

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