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A Snowy, Winter Wedding - Kaetlyn & Mat

Kaetlyn and Mat's winter wedding was nothing short of magical. With a love for the snow and a sparkly dress that made her look like a Disney princess, Kaetlyn was a vision of winter wonder. Mat stood by her side, radiating love and warmth on this chilly day. Happily surrounded by their siblings and friends who were part of their awesome wedding party.

Kaetlyn's dress was the epitome of sparkle and glamour, making her shine like a princess in a fairytale. She hand-made the bouquets and boutonnieres out of paper from books, adding personal touches like a photo of her cousin and a blue shell symbolizing their shared love for a video game. The navy and maroon red color scheme popped against the snowy backdrop, creating a picturesque scene that perfectly complemented their love story.

Despite the windy and chilly weather, the couple and their wedding party braved the elements to capture stunning photos in the snow. Taking a break at Leo's Tavern, where they had their first date, provided a much-needed warmth and brought back fond memories. Warm food, spicy shots and great company took over the back room where we celebrated Mat & Kate.

Afterwards, we were off to the rooftop to do a few more photos, and give Kaetlyn and Mat some much deserved alone time (well, sorta - Sherry and I were there too). It was cold, the wind was way stronger, but the sun was warm and that view is always worth it!

The speeches were filled with love and sweet moments, with Grandma even getting a chance to share a few words that touched everyone's hearts. It was seriously so cute, she shared so many fond memories of her and Mat. One highlight of the evening was the choreographed dance performed by Mat and Kaetlyn, showcasing their deep connection and love for each other in a beautiful and heartfelt way.

Kaetlyn and Mat's wedding was a true representation of love and joy. Their special day, filled with personal touches and heartfelt moments, will be remembered for years to come. It was a celebration of not just their love for each other but also the love shared with their family and friends. Cheers to this sweet and genuine couple as they begin their journey together as husband and wife.

Thank you to the lovely couple for including Sherry and I in their special day! You made us feel like part of the group! And a personal thanks, of course, to Sherry for always braving the elements with me!

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