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Michelle & Shawn - Married!

I've been excited about sharing these sneak peeks since Sherry and I left Michelle and Shawn's wedding. I just knew the entire gallery was going to be absolutely stunning - and I couldn't have been more right. It was my first official wedding of the 2022 season and I was really looking forward to it because Michelle and Shawn are both such relaxed and happy people.What better way for us to kick off the season than a wedding as relaxed, and carefree as they are?

Another reason why I was so pumped for this wedding is because I know how much Michelle valued the photographs of her day, and in turn, how much she valued me. You see, Michelle chose me before Shawn even popped the question. So, I feel pretty special. Which made it easy for me to go the extra mile for them. They also set aside a lot of time for couples portraits in a lot of amazing different locations around the campground - a photographers dream come true. Lots of time + gorgeous views + all-in, in-love couple = pure magic. Anyone reading who would also like a gallery like this, take notes.

I also, want to talk for just a second about the love between Michelle and Shawn. I don't often see a love this pure...this comfortable. I can feel, just by watching the way that the two look at each other, speak to each other and express themselves to each other that these two are made for one another. They are each others rocks, safe space, and best friends. I wish them all the happiness and love in the world. The intimate wedding really reflected who they are perfectly and I feel honoured to have been a part of their day.

Thank you for having Sherry and I to photograph your day, Shawn and Michelle. I hope you enjoy these sneak peeks and I cant wait to send you the rest of the gallery soon. Thank you to Sherry as well for being my partner in crime once again. We are a kick ass team.


Second Photographer: Sherry Lynn Photography - Weyburn

Make up: Stephanie Man -Regina

Venue: Kinney Memorial Lodge - Arlington Beach

Dress: New Line Fashion - Regina

Flowers: Lumsden Floirst - Lumsden

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