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Mairead & Scott - Proposal in Banff!

One of my favourite sessions of all time and I'm so excited that they've announced so that I can finally share! Why one of my favourites? 1. I was in Banff and Banff is beautiful af! 2. I really needed a mini "vacation" and the mountains have always felt like home. 3. Scott is my little brother and so, how exciting to be there when he asked Mairead to marry him!!

Here's how it all went down. A few weeks ago, I got a text from my brother asking me to help him find a photographer in the Banff area. Him and Mairead were going there for a family trip and he wanted to get photos done. When I asked him what kind of session he was looking for, I was shocked when he responded with nothing but a ring emoji!! So, I got to work. Looking at numerous Banff and Canmore couples photographers in search of the perfect one for them. I sent him a few of my personal favourites, but, did let him know that because his request was somewhat short notice, and because it's a national park, that the cost would be pretty steep. Absolutely no offence to the photographers there, I know full well why they charge what they do and I believe they are all worth it, 100%. I jokingly told him that it would be cheaper just to fly me out so I could do it. He agreed and booked my flights. I was stoked!

On April 8th at 4:00am, I rolled out of bed, grabbed my camera bag and a change of clothes and headed to the airport. My flight was supposed to leave at 5:30 am, but, was a bit delayed. I arrived in Calgary just before 8:00. My brother had left a vehicle for me at the parknjet, so, I grabbed that and off I went! I made a quick stop in Calgary to have breakfast with my bestie, Jessica, before hitting the road. The one hour drive into the national park was so beautiful and peaceful. It had been so long since I had been there, that I had almost forgotten how big and magical the mountains are.

Once I arrived in Banff, I made my way to Vermillion Lakes and parked further away from the rest of the tourists to avoid being spotted. I walked along the waters edge until I found the perfect spot just a few steps onto the ice - mountains and water in the background. I sent my brother a pin with my location and the instructions that Id be hiding in a red jacket and there was a stick placed in the ice where I wanted him to stand. Well, the stick must have been hard to see and Im sure the nerves made it even harder. They walked past me a couple times as I was half hiding in some thin trees along the shoreline. Finally, he brought her down onto the lake (not where I had planned) and I had to quickly change my positioning as I noticed he was bending down on one knee! No problem though, as I managed to capture the whole incredible moment! Obviously, she said yes! Then, she spotted me. Surprise!!

I was cold and hungry, so we headed back into town to grab some lunch. A short time after, I brought the to Mount Rundlebay reservoir to do some more traditional engagement photos. I know they will eventually have engagement photos taken by the wedding photographer that they choose, but, how could I not take advantage of such a gorgeous couple and landscape. Prairies are fine and all, but, the mountains are something else. It was short, but, sweet and I had a great time. I was able to join my family for dinner that evening, so that was an added bonus! Up again and on the road at 5:30 am the next day to fly back home. It was a fast, 24 hour trip and it was totally worth all the hassle!

I'm so happy for my brother and Mairead! This is such a special time in their lives and step in their relationship. I was honoured to be asked to be there and capture these memories for them. I can't wait to add a new sister AND niece or nephew (yes, they are also expecting their first baby!!!) into the family. My brother is a lucky guy!

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