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Let's Get To Know Each Other...

I am going to tell you a little about myself! A few out-of-the-ordinary facts about me. Of course, I have my "About Me" section here on the website, but that is a general telling of my story. Every once in a while, here in the blog, I'll tell you some fun facts you may not know about me; just to keep things interesting!

Fun Fact #1 - Most of my job as a photographer is actually spent in front of my computer and not behind my camera! A good majority of my time is spent editing your gorgeous photos - nothing major of course, just the odd adjustment here and there, but when you've got hundreds/thousands of photos - that can take awhile! I also spend lots of time on client care. So, sending emails, responding to inquires, answering questions and keeping everything organized, so each client has the easiest experience ever! Marketing also takes time; posters, slideshows, ads, website, updating this blog etc. Lastly, I take a lot of photography, editing and business courses online. Im constantly thirsty to learn new things and improve as an artist and business owner!

Fun Fact #2 - I snack constantly while I'm working at the computer. Not usually anything healthy, either. Currently eating Teddy Grahams while typing this. nom nom.

Fun Fact #3 - If and when I do get some spare time (which is rare, because I have a toddler) I like to cozy up on the couch with my husband and two cats and binge watch Netflix. But, I mean, I'm pretty sure everyone does this.

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