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Katelyn & Erik - Married!

I had a blast hanging out with Katelyn, Erik and their entourage at their wedding a couple weeks ago! So much so that I was actually a little bummed that I was off the clock and headed home before their reception. I bet it was a ton of fun!

I started off my day hanging out with the girls as they got ready. Everything was held at The Atlas Hotel, so it was only a short walk down the hallway from the room to the ceremony. Joining them in their ceremony was Erik's son as Ring Security and the couples daughter as the flower girl. They shared hand-written vows and a few happy tears.

The two share a love of fast cars, so, it was very fitting to have one included in their photos. This Skyline is one of Erik's dream cars and they were lucky enough to find someone to let us use theirs! I don't know much about cars, but, I do know that this car + tux + beautiful girl = total James Bond vibes.

The wedding party was awesome to work with and I had a great time riding in the party bus with them to and from the hotel - it really was a party! On the way back, we did make a quick stop at Shannon's Pub. Shannons Pub is where Katelyn and Erik had their first date and where he proposed to her. We did a couple engagement photos there, too, so we popped in quick for another photo op.

Congratulations, Katelyn and Erik! Your wedding was so beautiful and so are the two of you! It was a joy to be a part of your special day!

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