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Kate & Codi - Married!

My first wedding of the year and hopefully the last super cold one! We were really holding on to the hope that it was only going to be around -12 and it was definitely much colder than that. It wasn't a problem for these two or their fantastic wedding party! Everyone was very so patient and understanding when it came time to do photos - that's how you know you have a great group of friends as your wedding party! (though, I'm sure the drinks on the party bus didn't hurt lol)

I started my day with the ladies at a suite at the Hotel Saskatchewan and Sherry spent her time with the gentlemen. The ceremony took place at the White City Hall - the layout was so nice and the decor gave it an extra magical touch. As a surprise to the groom, we briefly stopped out at White Butte Trails to have some photos taken with an old car that the groom and his groomsmen had fixed up a driven to Mexico - an old Geo Metro. Next we spent some time in Wascana, taking photos and enduring the frigid temps. The reception was held back at the White City Hall where everyone was able to warm up, eat tasty food and dance and mingle.

Some of my favourite highlights of the day included: their "Dog of Honour" Layla, their "flower man" and surprise Smirnoff Ice drinks for several of their guests during the speeches.The whole day was so lovely and these two are just some of the kindest people I've met. They deserve a lifetime of happiness and Im so glad I was chosen to be their photographer.

Thank you, as always, to Sherry Shamblin for joining me on this cold, amazing day!

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