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Kailla & Fred - Married!

Two of my favourite things: 1) fall .... 2) weddings. Put them together and what do you have? Beautiful fall wedding photos like these! I love the cozy, warm tones that the golden leaves emit. I think it really matches Kailla and Fred's love for each other. Warm, intuitive, natural. It makes me so happy when two very kind and genuine people fall in love. Especially if I'm the one who gets to capture that love on their most special day!

Kailla and Fred had a small, intimate wedding on Thanksgiving weekend. It was fun and relaxed, with leaf fights, unexpected puppy greetings, and Rider game score updates. Everyone in the wedding party followed my instructions so well, despite how crazy some of it must have sounded. I love it when people trust my creative vision! The weather and sun cooperated too, which, is always a bonus! It was a perfect day

Kailla & Fred, thank you for having me be a part of wedding! I hope you love your sneak peeks and I cant wait to send you the rest!

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