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Ashley & Matt - Married in the YQR

Get ready to dive into the city vibes as we unfold the story of Ashley and Matt's epic wedding day. Picture this: exposed bricks, hanging lights, and a whole lot of love. Join us on a journey through the streets of their romance—from office mates at Avord Tower to saying "I do" at The Local Market YQR.

These lovebirds first crossed paths at Avord Tower, where office hours turned into something more magical. Fast forward a few years, and they're jet-setting around the world hand in hand. Their love journey found its perfect venue at The Local Market YQR, an old-school spot with a vibe that matched their style.

The Local Market YQR set the stage for a wedding that was the perfect blend of old-meets-new. The aestetics and how it was decorated made the place glow with warmth. And when it came to photos, they took the party outside in the heart the warehouse district, surrounded by brick buildings - and a few puddles!!

They didn’t just say their vows; they took a trip down memory lane, starting at the very spot they first laid eyes on each other— The Avord Tower. Then, they took it to the next level—literally—on the rooftop of another building, with their new office as the backdrop. Capturting love with a view!

Their crew was a blast! Laughs, jokes, and a whole lot of good vibes—Ashley and Matt's wedding party knew how to keep it real. No one complained about the chilly weather and no one objected to grabbing some shots at Leos' before the recption!

Let's talk party time! Plated and served meals that had everyone drooling, and a "wheel of destiny" that had Ashley and Matt locking lips left and right. Or sometimes a Shotski, hoola hooping or riding on a tiny bike. You didnt know what you were going to get - would they kiss? Or would you end up at the with a Shotski? Speeches? Oh, you bet they were sentimental, funny and even unexpected props were used. A great balance between tugging at the heartstrings and keeping the good vibes flowing.

So there you have it, the tale of Ashley and Matt's urban love story. From the office to the rooftop, their wedding day was an adventure of love, laughter, and all the good stuff. Here's to the happy couple and the adventures that await—may they be as epic as their wedding day!

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