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Annabel & Blake - Married!!

Annabel and Blake's wedding was everything. It was so elegant. So gorgeous in its simplicity and authenticity. I couldn't have asked for a better couple, (and a better wedding party) or a more fun wedding to lead me back into weddings after my little vacation.

It was just me solo for the day, which is an exciting rush for me. It's more work and a bit more stressful, but, I love being it for the day. I get to spend time with everyone (not just the ladies), I'm capturing all the angles all the time, I'm in on all the action - beginning to end. I did miss my partner in crime, though. It was hot hot and she's the one who always remembers to keep me cool and hydrated.

Annabel & Blake made it easy for me, though. All of the details were beautiful and thoughtfully planned out. Wedding party was just full of photogenic and fun people. Everything went so smoothly. Everyone was so kind and inviting. I fit right in, and they treated me like one of the gang.

I learn a lot about my couples during the speeches part of the evening. What I learned about these two was something I had already known all along. They are kind, selfless people who care about others and each other. True role models - which is amazing because they are both teachers! They respect each other, have fun together and are best friends. They will no doubt cherish one another, and these photos for the rest of forever.

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