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Megan & Matt - Engaged!

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Hello everyone! I feel like its been an eternity since I've blogged (regularly, that is). This busy season really kicked my butt. I had to set some boundaries and prioritize my time. Family always comes first, then sessions and editing, and social media fell in last place. Oh well! I'm starting to find myself with a bit more "spare time" and I hope to catch up a bit before the holidays. The reality is, some of the sessions I've done over the last few months might not get shared. I can only do my best!

Megan and Matt are having a rustic/country themed wedding next summer, so, we went with a themed engagement session to go with it! We went out to some very cool backroads to an abandoned farm (which, was apparently used for a scary movie set awhile back) and with all the beautiful fall colours, it made for the perfect scene. As the sun was dipping below the horizon, we took some backlit dancing photos using his trucks headlights - I love trying new things! I think my fave pic from this set is the hill photo. Whats your favourite??

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