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Kim & Jamie - Together Forever

I'm always gushing over young and new love. I'm a wedding photographer, so, the majority of my sessions consist of newly-engaged or newly-wed couples. But, you know what I find really beautiful? Seasoned love. Love that has weathered all of life's storms. Love that has embraced time and time again. Love that is forever. Kim and Jamie are the type of couple I am talking about. They are serious #relationshipgoals.

They got married 3 months after they met and have been together 36 years! When you know, you know, right?? They have raised 2 children and have 2 grandchildren now as well. In fact, they are the parents of one of my very good friends, Shayla. We went out spontaneously on one of our frosty days, and let me tell you, their love is still burning strong. I was unprepared for how cute they were together! I think its rare to find a love and marriage like the one they share and I'm so happy to have been the one to capture it on camera.

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