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Jordan & David - Engaged!

These days I'm doing nothing but editing, shooting, editing, shooting until the end of forever (or so it feels like). I'm so grateful that I love my job and working this much makes me happy and not miserable. However, finding my work/momma life balance has been a bit tricky and this last month has me spread a bit thin. If only there were three of me! I could get so much done!

I met with Jordan and David a few days before my mini vacation to see my family, so I've been sitting on these gorgeous images for a while! This beautiful couple brought the whole family and travelled down from Saskatoon for this session. Jordan and David are going to be having a very cool wedding at the RCMP grounds next summer as David is RCMP and Jordan's family has history there as well. To incorporate a piece of that into their engagement session, David brought along his Mounty hat and we had a little fun with it. I'm also glad we did a few full family photos as well - aren't the girls adorable?!

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