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Jeline & Jayden - Engaged

When I first met Jeline and Jayden over coffee to discuss their wedding plans, I knew they were the right couple for me. Maybe its because they are just naturally charismatic and friendly people, or maybe because we had things in common (like getting engaged on top of the Empire State Building), but we definitely clicked. So, I was super pumped when they chose me as their wedding photographer!

I feel like great chemistry and connection between couples and photographers is so important to produce great photos. Knowing, that when I ask you to do silly things, its because I know it will make for an amazing photograph. These two trusted me, and dove all in. Never questioning my methods, never holding back and it shows in these photos!!!!

It had been so long since I had shot a couple and I was in a mood to go all out. Three locations, outfit change, one and a half hours of shooting. Like three sessions all wrapped into one. It was a blast! Im so glad they let me unleash all of my pent up creativity on them. Also, how cool is it we had downtown all to ourselves??? So romantic!

I'm sad these two have to postpone their wedding this year, but, I couldn't be more excited to photograph them again next year.

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