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J & C - Married!

Updated: Jan 4

One week into 2019 already...time is flying! I honestly, don't think couldn't have started the year in a better way than being with this couple on their wedding day. Such a great day, such a great party, amazing couple and wedding party! It was cold. Like, really really cold. To refresh your memory (and not the couples, I'm sure they will never forget how cold it was) it was -30 out. Minus freakin' thirty. I can't say that there was no complaining.- we were all complaining. And for good reason. Did I mention it was really, really cold? However, we all trudged through and I think the results were worth it! Everyone had such a great time at the reception and I loved capturing the results of an open bar and a very special occasion. Thank you Jand C for being such an amazing couple and trusting me whole heartedly.

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