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Heidi & Connor - Married!

Heidi and Connor, one of the sweetest couple ever! Their wedding was full of sun, smiles and lots of fun! Oh, and a little surprise during speeches!

The day began early, with the ceremony at the Lady Slipper courtyard at 9:30 am. The sun was already beaming and warm as these two said "I do" in the company of friends and family. Afterwards, there was lots of mingling and laughs in the park as the wedding party awaited their party bus. Colleen and I tagged along as the wedding party headed out of town to a friends farm where we took portraits. There, we enjoyed a little off roading, riding in the box of a truck and exploring the private grounds. It was quite sunny, and finding shade even in the trees was a bit difficult. However, everyone was so easy going and relaxed, it was all fun, no stress.

The reception at the Turvey centre was awesome. Fun games, sweet speeches and Heidi and Connors surprise announcement - they were already married! On a trip they took together, the two had secretly tied the knot. Everyone was so surprised! The night ended for us after spending some time dancing on the dance floor. It was a great day! These two deserve all the happiness

Thank you to my friend, Colleen for joining me as my second!

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