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Emery & Zach - Engaged!

So, Emery and Zach are just the cutest couple! We had so much fun last weekend doing their engagement session out at White Butte Trails. They are both self-proclaimed nerds and had no issues diving into all my silly prompts. Their chemistry is off the charts! They totally rocked it in front of my camera and I'm so excited to shoot their wedding this October.

I have to share a funny story from our session. So, Emery booked my wonderful friend, Stephanie Man, as her make up artist for her big day. Knowing that she had recently done her makeup trial, I asked her how it went and how she liked her make up. She began telling me about how much she loves Stephanie and how great her makeup looked and how well it stayed on (totally not surprising, because Stephanie is the best!) Anyhow, so, then she mentions how her and Zach had a joint shower the night of her trial... She meant bridal shower, I thought, well,... something else. (hello, mind in the gutter!) It wasn't until Zach interjected and said "she's talking about an engagement shower by the way" that I suddenly understood what she was trying to tell me. The makeup stayed on all night and she got lots of compliments, not that its water(shower)proof.

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