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Brenna & Jensyn - Married!

Last weekend's wedding was awesome! So so cold, but, so amazing! Their theme was Great Gadsby inspired, but, there were a few things that made it a truly Canadian wedding. First off, it was September. If rain is good luck, snow must be extra lucky! To warm up, we went to Tim Hortons for coffee, hot chocolate and Timbits, followed by fireball shots at Boston Pizza. And, of course, Brenna and Jensyn are the nicest people ever! They were also so understanding and such good sports about the weather. You cant tell by these photos, but, trust me guys, it was freezing out. I was wearing layers and could barely stand it, and the ladies in their dresses didn't complain once! The love these two have for each other is so beautiful. I'd be lying if I said I didn't tear up a few times during the course of the day. Jensyn and Brenna are made for each other. Congratulations on the beginning of the next chapter in your lives!

*makeup by Stephanie Man* *Thank you to Michael O'Reilly for being my second shooter*

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