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Avery - Newborn (Lifestyle)

Favourite thing about my job? Capturing all the best moments in peoples' lives. All the special firsts. First kiss. First dance. First pregnancy announcement. First days home with baby. Its so special to me to be a part of those things. I've never considered myself to be a newborn photographer, but, I cant say 'no' to my forever clients when they transition from one great chapter of life to the next.

Look at me getting all sentimental...I'm blaming the pregnancy hormones.

Brianna and Adam are one of my forever couples. And they recently welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Avery, into the world. He had a bit of a rough entrance, which is why he had a bit of a scrape on his nose. Which, I'm sure is all healed up now. I had the pleasure of meeting the little guy and capturing some natural moments of his first days at home. He was surprisingly awake and alert for almost the whole time I was there. I'm so happy for this family as they really deserve all the happiness in the world.

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