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Amy & Brett - Married!

I'm so excited to be sharing these sneak peeks - finally! Sherry and I shot Amy and Brett's beautiful wedding a month ago! It has been quite the month for my family and I. Some of you know that I had surgery just two days before I shot their wedding, but, what happened after was completely unexpected and very emotionally taxing. I am thinking that I will address it at some point, but, that is not going to be right now! Right now, I want to gush about Amy and Brett's wedding!

This wedding is actually three years in the making. Back in mid March of 2020, these two were set to have their wedding. Unfortunately, just a couple days before, the mandates were put in place and their wedding was put to a halt. They decided to go ahead and get legally married, in a socially distanced way and then patiently waited for the right time to have a party for their I do's !

It was worth the wait. Held at Hotel Saskatchewan, this was a gorgeous winter wedding set for a prince and princess. Being a couple who happen to be Disney fans, their wedding was accented by tasteful Disney details. Their first dance (choreographer beautifully) was to the song "you got a friend in me". This was just one of the many ways that Amy and Brett's wedding stood out to me. It truly seemed like they had the wedding that they had wanted and dreamed of for over three years. It wasn't centred around a rigid timeline, nor was it boxed in by traditions that didn't matter to them. It wasn't about having a bunch of posed images to hang on their walls. It was about celebrating their love and enjoying the evening with friends and family. For me, it was about capturing the candid moments.

It was lovely. Despite being in a bit of pain from my surgery a couple days prior, I'd say it was one hundred percent worth it. Plus, Sherry was an extra help carrying my incredibly heavy camera gear. Big thanks to Sherry! Also, thanks to this amazing couple, who, have been so patient and understanding with me. Such an unusual set of circumstances, but, they handled it with compassion. I really appreciate it!

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